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Complete Cab booking website & Dashboard

Basic Version

Just £150 GBP

per domain license for lifetime.

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Standard Version

Just £250 GBP

per domain license for lifetime.

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Premium Version

Just £325 GBP

per domain license for lifetime.

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Mobile Apps

Just £200 GBP

App hosting fee £25 GBP from 2nd year

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Cabookie - Taxi Booking Software

It's a global cab booking website, it can be set it up for any country.

Taxi industry has been evolved over the years, customers looks out for the best fare and experience and shops around many websites before booking their journey. They would feel confident to get a quote instantly rather than filling the booking form and waiting for someone to respond to it.

Cabookie taxi booking website is just 1 page booking process which saves the user's time and effort.

Cabookie has one of its kind backend control panel that allows cab operator to have full control and provide best experience to their customers.

Cabookie taxi booking software with dedicated dashboard that will help the taxi operator in managing the vehicle types, setting the fixed journey price, setting the price based on distance, discount and surcharge price based on date & time and location, select the coverage area, restrict bookings based on date and time, updating payment options, bookings list and much more.

You get complete frontend and backend source code, you can add any features if necessary.
Re-use or reproduction of Cabookie application for additional domain other than originally purchased is restricted.

Price starts from £150 GBP per domain license for lifetime.
No additional cost for next year or ever.

One Time Cost

One Time Cost

Lifetime license

Lifetime License

Complete Source code

Complete Source code

What's New!

Over the past year we have gained strong presence in the Taxi booking software industry, we have released a new version of Cabookie called "Premium".

Cabookie Premium is loaded with additional features in comparison to "Standard" version and more payment gateway's had become available.

"Cabookie Premium" is added with following functionalities and features:

  • Customer Login
  • Rides history:- Upcoming, Completed and Cancelled journey's
  • Customers can Prepay by card at any time if journey booked as cash
  • Booking cancellation by company and customer
  • Save multiple favourite locations
  • Save multiple favourite journey's for quick booking process

Taxi Booking App

Last but not least, we have launched mobile applications for iOS & Android devices which is available for only Cabookie Premium version at an additional cost.

Try our demo apps and experience yourselves.

App Screens

Product Details

Basic Standard Premium


£150 GBP £250 GBP £325 GBP
Development Technology PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap
Web Standards HTML5, CSS3 HTML5, CSS3 HTML5, CSS3
Responsive & Compatibility
Full Source Code
Location Search & Distance Calculation
Bug Fixing Support 30 Days 30 Days 60 Days
License 1 1 1
Frontend - User Interface
Booking Process 2 Step 2 Step 3 Step
Instant Quotation
Instant Confirmation
Chat Plugin
Card Payment PayPal, Stripe, Square, Viva & Worldpay PayPal, Stripe, Square, Viva & Worldpay
Customer Login
Booking Cancellation
Favourite journeys & locations
Prepay journey
Rides History
Backend - Control Panel
Operator Information Manage all your company information Manage all your company information Manage all your company information
Operating Details Choose country, time zone, currency, etc. Choose country, time zone, currency, etc. Choose country, time zone, currency, etc.
Additional Drop Off's
Vehicles Management
Distance Based Pricing
Advance Bookings
Child Seat Provision
Additional Charges
Fixed Pricing
Surcharge & Discounts - Location
Surcharge & Discounts - Date & Time
Service Coverage
Bookings Restriction - Date & Time
Customer Management
Booking Cancellation
Total Price £ 150 GBP £ 250 GBP £ 325 GBP
Taxi Booking App
  • Favourite locations
  • Favourite journeys
  • Booking cancellation
  • Prepay journey
  • Rides History
Only with Cabookie Premium

Android & iOS

Application cost: £200 GBP (Onetime)

Hosting fee: £25 GBP from 2nd year

* You'll receive application installable file for both iOS & Android

1 Year Hosted Solution £50
Logo Creation & Custom Template £50
Website Content £50
Basic SEO £50
Wordpress Setup £50
Dashboard Setup FREE
Installation & Setup FREE

Still not convinced with Cabookie features? Why not try our demo and experience yourselves

Frequently Asked Questions

Cabookie is a global taxi booking software which can be setup for any size of taxi/cab operators of any country. It comes with dashboard to manage pricing, vehicles, multiple drop off's, airport pick up charges and much more.
Customers can get instant quotation via online, book their taxi service and get confirmation immediately which saves them time and cost.
Absolutely! Cabookie taxi booking website has been developed to fit any company size and any country, it's very easy and simple to setup.
  • Choose your operating country
  • Select time zone
  • Select currency
  • Set your price based on Google driving distance with multiple slabs
  • Set airport pick up charges, child seat charges and minimum charges for additional drop off's
  • Add and manage any number of vehicles, set passenger and luggage capacity of each vehicle. Markup price for each vehicle by amount or percentage.
  • List of all completed and future bookings
  • Manage company information including license details
  • Manage major social media links
Yes, we provide you the full source, so you can customize the software as you required or contact us for the same. Some part of the software has been obfuscated to maintain proprietary rights and restrain from misuse of license.

Yes, we have demo links for both front end and dashboard, please feel free explore it throughly.

Check our Demo
  • Linux/Windows Server
  • PHP 7.1 & above
  • MySQL 5.6 & above
  • Google Maps API key
Cabookie software is very simple and easy to setup, you will be provided with an instructions manual to complete the setup. We also provide free installation setup if required.

Got any questions about Cabookie? Contact Us